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Shared Unwelcome Encounters


Hi, I’m Gemma. I’m tired of carrying my unwelcome and uninvited encounters with men. I terminate the authority I gave these moments to define and determine who I am.

I created this space, known as SUE, in my tiny corner of the internet to set my encounters down for a moment, maybe forever. The desired outcome is a space for less seasoned generations to read these stories and consider how they’ll respond if they find themselves in a similar situation. The goal is to help just one young person feel empowered to stand up for themselves sooner, to draw a boundary faster and to choose themselves and what they want every waking moment. So that they thrive.

If you feel like setting down and sharing your experience, this space is for you too.

In sisterhood + healing,


Welcome to an identity-free space for women to share their experiences with men they didn’t ask for. Maybe it was uninvited physical touch or advance, an objectifying glance, an unsettling text/direct message, or an inappropriate ask from a boss – it happens more than we think.

These moments can shift our perspective, change how we trust (ourselves and others), and alter our life. Sometimes we share these moments, or maybe we hold them close and carry them quietly. Or, we stuff them in a compartment, shove them in our mental closet and pay them no mind.

As we gain wisdom, we may choose to evaluate the true impact of the experience.

Together we can eliminate the shame, re-assign responsibility and, through shared stories, let other women know “it’s not just them.”

This page is a safe and anonymous space for women to share their uninvited encounters with men. Only you decide if it gets shared.

With permission, parts of your story may be shared on Instagram.

This project serves as an anonymous bulletin board of stories to benefit women. Project inspiration was pulled from the work of Project Respect Outdoors and the personal stories of Tarana Burke in her book Unbound and Tabitha Brown in her book Feeding the Soul.

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As you consider what to write, below are some thoughtful parameters to keep in mind:

» Sharing may open an old wound. Be mindful of your heart when deciding what to share.

» Consider sharing “little “t” trauma” in this space, such as highly distressing events that affected you on a personal level.

» Events that fall into the “big “T” trauma” category include serious injury, sexual violence, or life-threatening experiences and should be discussed with a licensed therapist.

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